My name is Steven Flesch. I am an independent developer (and pilot) looking for a full-time position as a software engineer. I have experience in mobile app, front-end, and back-end development. Thank you for your interest, and please drop me a line if you'd like to touch base!

My Portfolio


A cross-platform mobile app for airport weather.

ATIS App The FAA recently made available a system to access real-time weather at major US airports, and until the release of ATIS App, this information was unavailable without paying hefty subscription fees. My goal with this project was to bring this information, free of charge, to anyone. This required writing a backend server in Node.js with an Express.js API, and a mobile application written in Flutter to facilitate writing code once for both iOS and Android platforms. The result is a beautiful, responsive, and highly-available app that makes real-time airport weather easily accessible.

Note: ATIS is an abbreviation for Automatic Terminal Information System.

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An Android app for airport weather and forecasts.

Windsock Windsock for Android is an app that automatically downloads and notifies users of new airport weather observations (METARs) and forecasts (TAFs). The goal of this project was to develop a native Android app (in Java) that worked in the background to download weather reports and alert users if certain conditions are present (such as snow or rain). Additionally, it highlights weather conditions pertinent to pilots for rapid assessment of airport conditions.

I have kept the application updated for over 4 years as the Android SDK and the Android OS itself have evolved. I have adapted the application to continue delivering timely notifications with the advent of Doze and other restrictions on background processes.

Windsock continues to be a popular weather app for aviation professionals and enthusiasts, with thousands of users active every month.


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A full-stack LAMP application for a charitable organization.

PilotsForKids.org I am responsible for the website & server for non-profit dedicated to helping hospitalized children. The website connects the 5,000+ volunteers to the organization via custom LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) application stack, including custom CMS, report generation software, and calendar syncing system. I write and maintain PHP application code, backup and maintain MySQL databases, and secure the server responsible for collecting member information, dues, and donations (via credit card and PayPal subscriptions).

My most recent project with Pilots For Kids implemented an automated dues subscription system that records payments via PayPal's IPN system. This made it easier for members to automatically pay dues and cut down on the time and mailing costs of annual dues renewals.

Visit PilotsForKids.org

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A Node.js app to send snapshots of Ring doorbell activity to your Android TV.

ring-to-android-tv This was a fun project to demonstrate the ability to send snapshots of activity at my front door to my Android TV. I challenged myself to exhaustively document the steps needed to set the script up from the perspective of a novice Linux user.

The script uses dotenv and command line arguments to extend functionality.

Visit Github Repo

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My Resume

Wait a tick, you're a pilot? And you are applying for a developer position?

I know this is probably a common question, and yes, that is exactly what I'm doing. In light of the crazy year that 2020 has been, now is a rare opportunity to switch careers and try my hand at going full-time as a developer. Software development has always been something I love and hope to improve at. In addition to that, the prospect of more nights at home with my family has never been more important to me!

I am open to remote work and relocation. I currently reside in the Chicago, IL area.

My Contact Info & Links

The best way to contact me is email: steven [AT] stevenflesch.com. I can also be contacted at my LinkedIn profile.

My Github profile: https://github.com/stevenflesch
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